COVID-19 Statement



Covid Safe Learning and Relaxation. That’s our goal for 2021. The public health outlook for summer 2021 appears to be trending in a hopeful direction.  Taking into account guidance from the State of Maine and industry best practices, we have plans in place to allow for fun and safe Retreat Center programming.


With the safety of our customers, staff, and community paramount, we have developed a set of participant and staff practices for your time at Medomak.  Safety is the responsibility of all of us who will make up the Medomak community this summer.





We are optimistic that all adult participants and staff will be able to be vaccinated by summer.  Though there is currently no concrete evidence that vaccination prevents the spread of the virus, we do know it prevents serious illness.  It is our collective responsibility to help prevent any serious illness that arises from being at Medomak this summer.  For this reason, so long as vaccination is widely available to the general public by summer, we will require all adult participants and staff to be vaccinated, prior to coming to camp.



From the beginning of the pandemic, testing has proven to be an important indicator of infection.  The state of Maine requires entering visitors to be vaccinated or produce a negative Covid test 72 hours prior to arrival. To address the possibility of Covid circulation on site, we reserve the right to monitor and test to confirm participants’ health status.   Should a Covid positive test be confirmed all members of the affected Household will be required to quarantine in their cabin(s) until results for the entire Household can be made available.



The simplest Household in the retreat setting includes the people living in one cabin (maximum of 2 people).  If all members of a Household are completely vaccinated, the definition of Household can be extended to two other completely vaccinated Households, for a total of up to 6 people.



Wearing masks prevents the spread of the virus. With this fact in mind, masks must be worn by all adults and all children 2 years old and over, indoors, and anywhere outdoors when in contact with common use facilities and/or in the presence of others. 



Camp is community.  Consistent with what we’ve all been doing in our own communities since the beginning of Covid, we require that you maintain a minimum of 6 feet between members of your Household and other people.  Ideally, for longer gatherings, it’s best to consider 10-12 feet separation.



To limit the chance of spread, Maine requires that you show a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours, or show you’ve been vaccinated before coming into the State. Prior to arrival at Medomak, you will be required to produce a record of your vaccination (or in the case that the vaccination requirement has been relaxed by Medomak, a negative COVID-19 test) to comply with this State requirement.  To monitor potential Covid exposure while at camp, we reserve the right monitor and test to confirm health status.  Should a Covid positive test be confirmed, all members of the affected Household will be required to quarantine in their cabin(s) until results for the entire Household can be made available.



Travel involves a high risk of exposure and spread of the Covid virus.  As such, for your relatively short stay at Medomak, we are limiting the number of retreat participants going off the retreat center site.  Any necessary trips off-site will be limited to one member of your Medomak Household and all precautions must be taken for any potential contact with public areas or people off-site.





Cabin occupancy must be limited to members of one’s Medomak Household. Entering another Household’s cabin increases the risk of viral spread and is not permitted. Any maintenance or repairs needed during your stay will be completed without guests present, and staff will be properly masked.



Cabins will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival.  We will be sure to be out of all cabins 18-24 hours prior to arrival of new guests.



Weather permitting, meals will be served outdoors, under the shelter of a tent.  Tables will be safely spaced, and seating at tables will be limited to one’s own Medomak Household.  When dining outdoors is not an option, controlled indoor dining will occur.






Retreat Center programs and activities will be conducted to the extent that they can be done safely; social distancing and masking requirements are a necessity. Wherever possible, activities will be held outdoors or if indoors in open, well-ventilated spaces.

Please click here for some further FAQs. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.